Ab Roller Wheel Effectiveness, Results & How To Use?

  • April 23, 2017
Ab Roller Effectiveness, Results, How To Use

Are you trying to make the change and become healthier? Then it's time to start doing the right exercises! There are a lot of exercises you'll be able to do, ranging from body-weight workouts and sports games. But if there's one thing everyone wants to work on, it would be their abs. And how do you get abs? One of the most effective ways would be the ab roller wheel!

For those wondering how to use an ab roller wheel, read on as we show you tips and everything else you need to know about this small yet amazing piece of gym equipment!

How to Use An Ab Roller Wheel?

Before learning how to use an ab roller wheel, what is it in the first place?

An ab roller wheel is a wheel with a pole stuck in the center, meant to roll while using it. You can create one yourself, or opt to purchase sturdier ones that can withstand your weight. Think of it as a wheel on a stick used to roll your body to different directions so you can work on individual muscle groups.

Here are the steps on how to use an ab roller wheel : 

1. If you are a beginner, then it's best to start on the floor and your knees. Make sure you have a pillow for comfort. Grip the ab roller with both of your hands, then roll it forward.

2. Once you roll forward, contract your abs, letting the ab roller wheel your torso until your whole body is extended and parallel to the ground. Hold on tight and contract your core, making it do all the work in keeping you balanced.

3. Maintain the position and hold for about three to five seconds. Once time is up, roll on back to your starting position SLOWLY. Stay at a healthy pace. After that, repeat the whole routine again. Do about fifteen reps per set, or whatever you are comfortable with until you begin to work your way up.

4. To work your way up, start rolling even more forward, which requires more effort and helps increase your muscle size. The ultimate goal is being able to go forward when on your feet rather than on your knees.

Another variation of the exercise would be to roll to different directions. Move forward to the left, roll back, then roll to the right. This helps with the sides of your stomach.

But you shouldn't only focus on how to use it, but to look after the proper ab roller form as well. The correct posture is as follows:
• If you are on your knees, don't let it sag, keeping everything on a straight line from the starting position to the moment you roll down.
• DON'T let your back arch, as this may injure your back in the long run.
• Keep your head down and facing forward to keep your neck at a comfortable and safe position.
• Use your abs to contract when pushing forward and pulling back. You can also use your arms, but don't use your hips, as this may cause injury or the effects won't be as noticeable. Since it's an AB roller, focus on your abdominal muscles, from your core to lower back.

Once you know the proper movement and posture, you can follow these tips to use the ab wheel effectively and get the defined core you aim to achieve :

• It's best to do roll slowly, as this works your torso better. It also avoids injury of going too fast, as it also works on your lower back and hip flexors. Maintain a slow and measured speed.

• If you are just a beginner, then roll into a wall to know when your touch point is, so you can move on back and repeat another rep.

• Want a more challenging workout? Then hold on to each rep for over three seconds. While the standard is usually five seconds, try moving up until you reach a full minute! This is similar to a plank, where your core muscles remain contracted until you push yourself back up to starting position.

• To avoid running out of breath and getting tired quickly, exhale when you are going down, then inhale going back up to the starting position.

• Pair the ab roll workout with a healthy diet and more exercise. We recommend lean meats and vegetables for higher protein and more muscle building. Also, focus on strength training while adding a bit of cardio between days to burn fat efficiently.

• Start off with about three sets of twelve repetitions each set. This is the standard set, with some people claiming that lower or higher reps are better.

But simply follow what you think is right, doing as many reps as you can before getting too fatigued. Slowly work your way up rather than trying to do everything in one session.

Ab Roller Wheel Effectiveness

Now that you know how to use an ab roller wheel, the next question is: how effective can it be?

The answer would vary. The ab roller effectiveness will depend on how you use it. As long as you follow the procedures and continue to do so, pairing it with a healthy diet, then you will be able to see the positive ab roller results in a matter of weeks.

The ab roller wheel is not only for creating abs. It can also help strengthen your lower back and core muscles. These are very beneficial when trying to become stronger and leaner, advancing towards your goals to a leaner and sexier physique.

Studies have also shown that the ab roller is indeed sufficient ONLY if you use it correctly. It's known to be marginally better than a regular crunch, based on studies and tests. While there are also other exercises that activate your core muscles just as much as an ab roller, nothing beats how fun and easy it is to use!

Also, an ab roller is deemed useful but does have disadvantages, especially because it places too much pressure on your lower back, which may result in overarching. Before using an ab roller, it's best to work on your hip flexors and lower back muscles. If you have any issues with your back, then it's best to consult a doctor before using it.

Ab Roller Wheel Results

Ab Roller Wheel Results

Like mentioned, an ab roller is efficient as long as you use it in proper form. You now know how to use it and that it works well, but the next and final question will be: What should you expect from it?

Let's be realistic: Using ab rollers alone won't get you the ripped six pack you've always dreamed of. But what it can do is build the lean muscle to burn fat, eventually replacing it with muscle that burns more calories and makes your waistline smaller.

Ab rollers can burn the belly fat that hides muscles, giving you an ab definition that you'll love to show off in a swimsuit. Plus, you will also enjoy a stronger core and back, making you lift heavier.

But that doesn't mean you can't get a six pack using an ab roller. The tip here is to make sure you add in a healthy diet and more exercises that target your core muscles to achieve your fitness goals.

Ab Roller Before and After Pictures

Do you want to see how effective using an ab roller wheel is? Then here is some ab roller before and after pictures from real people who used it regularly:

As long as you keep a healthy diet and exercise, you'll be able to be just like them! Remember to incorporate at least three sets of ab rolling exercises per workout session you do, and be patient.
Give it a few weeks, and you'll begin seeing the definition around your stomach area. Plus, you'll feel stronger as you contract your core, withstanding more intensity!

In Conclusion

If you're one who wants to try a different form of exercise to work on your abs, then an ab roller wheel would be an ideal investment! These are intense forms of gym equipment you can quickly understand once you begin working out with it. There are various types of workouts you can do with an ab roller so that you won't get bored after a few gym sessions.
Hopefully, this article on how to use an ab roller wheel helped you become more knowledgeable in how to use them and what you can achieve through regular exercise.

So what are you waiting for? Try the best ab roller wheel today and see what it's got to offer for you.

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any other queries or tips about how to use an ab roller wheel, then comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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