ancheer vertical climber review

Ancheer Vertical Climber Folding Total Workout Climber Review

Ancheer Vertical Climber, a full body workout machine, provides exercise bike and challenging workout as real as mountain climbing. The machine has a sleek design with classy pinkish touch. The intense workout given by the climber helps in fat loss and toning the muscles which include- thighs, glutes, quads, calves, arms and the core. This multi-muscles exercise increases the oxygen uptake by the vital body organs.

Ancheer vertical climber review

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  • Dual handlebars are both static and movable
  • Roomy pads for comfortable workout
  • Foldable and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy steel and alloy construction for better durability
  • Pink colour may not go with everyone's choice
  • Additional exercise bike is not that efficient
Ancheer Vertical climber

Why Use Ancheer Vertical Climber?

The climber provides you the intense workout resulting in more energy expenditure and calorie burn. Further, the exercise bike provides an additional warm-up exercise before moving to the real mountain climbing workout. Let’s dig deeper into it’s benefits:

1. Build Muscles and Reduces Fat: The climber offers a workout that is precisely a mimic of real mountain climbing. As mountain climbing requires great force and energy, in the same way, the workout in this climbing machine is so intense and challenging, that it tones the muscles of the body better than traditional gym exercises. It impacts primarily on the lower body muscles and helps in burning fat quickly while adding strength.

2. Adjustable Height: The handlebars of the machine are adjustable that means the people with different heights can easily use the device by adjusting the height of the handlebars accordingly. The machine holds up to 330 lbs of body weight which is quite appreciable.

3. LED Monitor Display: The machine comes with a Backlit monitor display showing necessary parameters required by an individual like- timer, distance covered, calorie burn, speed and much more. It helps to track progress, thus, motivating you for more.

4. Exercise Bike Function: A new exercise bike to be used as a warm-up exercise before moving to real climbing workout. But remember, It is just for the warm up session and isn’t an excellent alternative to a dedicated gym bike.

5. Resistance: The best thing about the climber is its adjustable resistance that means the intensity of the work can be increased to the further levels if one is ready for more challenging tasks.

How To Use Ancheer Vertical Climber?

Ancheer vertical climber total body workout

Its very easy to use the Ancheer vertical climber. Don’t underestimate it’s use of easiness as lack of intensity as it provides a highly challenging workout. Before stepping into the climbing activity, use the micro-exercise bike to warm-up. The resistance of the bike can be adjusted according to one’s wish. Do the biking for about 5 minutes to warm-up the ankles and the calves. Then jump over to the real intense workout that is the climbing exercise. Start slow if you are a newbie then gradually increase your pace, and resistance. Keep tracking your daily speed, distance covered and calorie burn.


At last, we must say that the Ancheer vertical climber is a great choice for the individuals looking for a one-stop cardiovascular exercise equipment. You don’t need to do many time wrecking exercises to treat different body parts. The machine turns exercise into a fun activity as the climbing is a skill as well.

Moreover, the machine is lightweight, and there is a connection between the climbing portion and the exercise bike which can be pulled off for easy storage or to put aside without covering much space. Overall, choosing Ancheer Vertical Climber is a wise option. Give it a shot.

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