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Best Folding Squat Rack – Titan Fitness T-3 Series Power Rack Review

What is a Squat Rack And How it Works?

A squat rack is a workout equipment that is used during different exercises that may include but are not limited to squatting. The squat rack enables you to exercise while lifting heavy weights without the necessity of having a spotter around for advice and directions. Proper placement and installation of rack coupled with firm adherence of safety mechanisms minimize any chances of getting hurt during exercises. Admittedly, this is the best equipment for weight lifting exercises both at home and the gym as it requires minimal supervision.

When using a squat rack, following proper steps and exercising caution is important to avoid accidents that may cause injury during the activity. The steps start with placing the upper rack mechanisms approximately at shoulder height, followed by placing the safety mechanisms at appropriate positions as indicated in the manual. The final steps involve placing the weights on the bars that are on the upper rack mechanisms and then performing the exercise as desired.

What is a Folding Squat Rack?

Titan Foldable Squat Rack
T-3 wall mounted squat rack

A folding squat rack is foldable after a workout, therefore, helping in saving space for storage purposes. The advantage of foldable squat racks is that they just require empty wall space and minimal space on the floor for storage after use. They are capable of opening into full-size racks during workouts and can hold and support a lot of weight hence accommodating most people.

The wall folding squat rack is a type of rack and, just like the others, ideal for saving on space. Tasks such as bench pressing, squatting and taking part in dips are eased with limited space. It has a laser cut feature that enhances precise fit. The rack is also portable, as it weighs only 150lbs, which makes it easy to load and unload from a vehicle to a garage for workout sessions.

Titan Fitness T-3 Fold Back Power Rack Review 

T-3 Squat Rack Specifications

The Titan folding squat rack is one of the available foldable squat racks in the market. The squat rack is easy to install and just as the name suggests, foldable hence ideal for home use. The wall folding squat rack is another foldable rack that once folded can be comfortably stored on empty wall space while occupying much less area.

This squat rack provides the ease to install and use advantage. The fact that the rack is foldable during storage and therefore conserves a lot of space is a feature that makes it convenient. Since it is foldable, it suitable for use in the home gym. Moreover, its finishing is made of a durable material hence making it durable for a long time without wear and tear.

The Titan Fitness T-3 Series Fold Back Power Rack is also called convertible due to its foldable properties. This squat rack is a type of the Folding wall mounted squat rack. The folding mechanism consists of a gas shock system mechanism that renders the folding and pulls back effortless.

The folding garage squat rack is a type of squat rack designed to make the squatting workouts easy. The material used to make the rack makes it last longer.


• The rack has a considerably good price that fits its value as compared to the fold-back wall mount rack that offers similar functionality to it.

• It has a collapsible design that saves space.

• It is a folding garage squat rack that can be carried from place to place depending on your workout needs and also when shifting houses.

• The Titan folding squat rack is an easy-to-install rack requires minimal expertise to assemble and use.

• The rack is stable enough to rest on the wall stringers and therefore when working out in the garage, there is no fear of falling over during the workout.

• The ease of servicing the equipment for the purpose it will be utilized.

• The ease with which the pull-ups and muscle-ups can be done when using the device since the pull-up bar is thick and hence suitable for the training on grip strength.

• The fact that the Titan rack takes into account the slope of your garage. The rack will fit in the garage as long as you make your garage such that it can cater for the highest amount of slope that can allow the rack to collapse when pulling out the rack.

• The detailed instructions that come with the manual on how to set up the rack provide answers to almost any other question.

• The rack can be installed on CMU walls, and it comes with specialized hardware for use during the installation.

• The top pull bar that is designed to accommodate up to 85” of tallness during pull-ups and this makes it suitable for all kinds of people from short to tall ones.

• The high-quality steel that is used in making the Titan squat rack, which makes it durable. The welds are also strong enough hence enhancing durability.


• The instructions are not clear concerning the different hinge types and the top and bottom of the rig. Therefore, it may take some time to figure out how to go about the assembly process. The fact that the hardware specifications for the hardware to be used for wall mounting of the rack are not specified therefore this might be frustrating.

• Placing the stringers in the right place can be quite a task. The set-up is easier after the stringers rest in their rightful place.

best power squat rack with lat pulldown

Despite these cons, the foldable and wall mounted squat racks have proved to be the best over the years to offer the full workouts to you.

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