Top 10 Best Gait-Belts Reviews in 2020

  • February 18, 2020

A gait belt can be considered as a device commonly used by caregivers to transfer care receivers with mobility issues from one position to another or from one location to another. They are also used while assisting ambulating patients who have certain problems with balance. For example, a gait belt is used to move a patient from a standing position to a wheelchair. These gait belts are also used in many other tasks. We have also seen them used by electricians who have to work at specific sites at specific heights. They use them for extra security. Although they are not ideally built for that kind of use but people have been using these belts for a good lot of reasons. The reason is that they come for a very affordable price so you would not mind buying them. Most of these gait belts available in the market serve you well however, some of them are better than others and that is why we are going to get you down to the top 10 best gait belt reviews. These are the ones you should be considering spending your money on.

Who needs to buy gait-belts?

Gait belts are used for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in medicine industry where patients need these belts to help balance them. They are also used by electricians as a safety precaution at different sites. Many of the customers use these gait belts simply for transporting their luggage by fixing the belt which makes them secure. In simple words, if you have one of these gait belts, you would surely find them useless in one way or another and that is why there is no reason why you should have one of them with you.

Comparison Table:


Secure SGBM-60S Patient Transfer and Walking Gait Belt 

Top 10 Best Gait-Belts Reviews


The best rated gait belt to start our review with. This belt has made the case weak for our upcoming reviews as this sleek beast seems to be flawless. It has been rated as good as perfect by the customers and not a single person has had any kind of complaints with it. It looks pretty good, performs exquisitely and comes for a pretty cheap price. It would simply be criminal to not like this gait belt. It has ideally been designed to aid in walking or transferring fall risk patients and loved ones, and it helps prevent caregiver injury. Belt is adjustable up to 60 inches in length and features loop to hold excess belt length.


  • Perfect for aid in walking and transferring
  • Adjustable up to 60″ length
  • High quality metal buckle
  • Cotton webbing construction
  • Machine washable


  • Have to be careful not to pinch breasts in belt
  • Buckle should have been made more comfortable


LiftAid Walking Gait Belt and Patient Transfer 

LiftAid Walking Gait Belt and Patient Transfer with Metal Buckle and Belt Loop Holder for Nurse, Caregiver, Physical Therapist (Purple, 60')  

Another beauty of a belt which had to made into our top 10 best gait belt reviews for all the right reasons. This purple belt is pretty simple looking when it comes to the design and has been made considering the very best of quality. As a standard procedure with all equipment in any facility, please inspect the belt prior to every use. The belt is adjustable up to 60 inches and the belt has an elastic loop to hold the excess belt length. Overall it looks just perfect when it comes to the performance. The dark purple color is very attractive and you will always know where the belt is.


  • Superior Quality built
  • aid in transferring and walking fall-risk patients
  • high strength webbing
  • comfortable to use


  • Seems a bit thinner


Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt with 6 Caregiver Hand Grips 

Secure Transfer Gait Belt with Handles and Quick Release Buckle - Elderly Patient Walking Ambulation Assist Mobility Aid (52'L x 4'W, Blue Handle (Quick Release Buckle))  

This is a specially designed Gait Belt with 6 Caregiver Hand Grips. It looks to be just perfect for assisting patients and seems to be as secure as they come. Transfer and Walking Belt is an essential caregiver aid that assists in safe patient transfers and ambulation and helps prevent caregiver back injury. This is the one which makes the job easier for not only the patient but for you as well. The four-inch back section is wider than traditional gait belts allowing for greater contact area with the patient. Four vertical and two horizontal hand grips allow the caregiver to choose the best leverage point to safely handle a patient.


  • durable, soft nylon material
  • high quality stitching
  • very easy to handle
  • machine washable


  • A little too stiff
  • A bit difficult to tighten up
  • Slips rather easily


FLASH SALE! Original Physical Therapy Transfer & Walking Gait Belt 

Transfer Gait Belt with 7 Loop Handles Grips & Easy Release 60 inches Plastic Buckle. Available in Metal Buckle.  

When it comes to the gait belts, the comfort can really be an issue. Most of these belts work great but they are just not very comfortable to wear. This specific belt on the other hand is known for that making it one of the most comfortable gait belts in the market. It is also available at an incredible deal and you would not want to say no to it.


  • 7 handle loops for a safer grip
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Covers a large area
  • Backed with two-year warranty


  • Slides a bit more often
  • A bit too bulky design


LiftAid Transfer & Walking Gait Belt w/Metal Buckle & Belt Loop Holder 

LiftAid Transfer and Walking Gait Belt with Metal Buckle and Belt Loop Holder for Therapist, Nurse, Home Care - 60'L x 2'W (Beige)  

Is there anything that this gait belt lacks? The answer is hell no! it is one of the smartest and yet simple looking belts out there. The overall built is as good as they produce and it comes for a very cheap price. There is not a single thing we can point against it. This one really brings the best value to your money and you are going to be getting served for a really long time. No other can beat it at this price.


  • Nice looking and affordable
  • high strength webbing
  • high tensile strength metal buckle
  • machine washable


  • Should be well snugged
  • A bit slippery


Gait Belt by Vive – Medical Nursing Safety Transfer Assist Device

Vive Gait Belt (60 Inch) - Transfer Assist Device for Seniors, Elderly, Pediatric, Bariatric, Occupational and Physical Therapy - Medical Nursing Safety Long Gate Strap with Quick Release Metal Buckle  

This is one of the most long-lasting gait belts that you will come across in the market. It comes with a promise that you will never have to worry about having another belt as this baby is here to last a lifetime. It does cost you a few more bucks and for those few bucks, you get the very best in business. Design wise, it is pretty average looking.  The tough metal locking teeth keep the belt securely in place to create a strong hold for added safety.


  • wide cotton belt
  • quick-release metal buckle
  • Strong 100% cotton webbing


  • Looks a bit off
  • A bit pricey


Sammons Preston Gait Belt with Metal Buckle, 2″ Wide, 100″ 

Sammons Preston 655703 Gait Belt with Metal Buckle, 2' Wide, 100'L, Heavy Duty Gait Transfer Belt, Patient Transfer, Essential Walking & Transport Assistant for Elderly, Disabled, & Patients, Neutral Stripe  

This belt is in a league of its own and let us tell you that you should not even compare it with our other belts on the list. This is elite, it costs you more money but if we had to pick one gait belt from the market, it has to be this one. The quality, the feel and the design; everything is better than perfect.


  • Extra-long 100″ gait transfer belt
  • Heavy-duty cotton webbing
  • Durable toothed buckle closure
  • Latex-free belt


  • A bit too costly


Gait Belt Transfer Belt 2 Pack with Quick Release Lifts Medical Safety Belts for Elderly 

Gait Belt Transfer Belt 2 Pack with Quick Release Lifts Medical Safety Belts for Elderly to Lift and Transfer Physical Therapy Belt Straps and Elderly Care Lifts  

This transfer belt has high grade stitching with a high-back to provide full support and comfort. While dealing with sensitive and heavier patients, this belt seems to be your ideal choice. It has been made from strong nylon allows nurses and caregivers to mobilize and transfer heavier patients with more control and comfort for the patient. The overall stitching is very impressive and that is what makes it very reliable.


  • Superior built
  • high quality grade stitching
  • 6 total hand grips
  • Perfect for nursing


  • The loops on belt are a bit small


Gait Belt by LiftAid – Stylish Patient Walking and Transfer Belt with Metal Buckle 

Gait Belt by LiftAid - Stylish Patient Walking and Transfer Belt with Metal Buckle - Assits Nurses, Caregivers, Occupational and Physical Therapy - Washable - 60'L x 2'W (Eclectic)  

We can literally challenge you that you cannot find a better looking belt than this one. And the looks are not all it has to offer. It performs just as good as it looks making it one of the bestselling gait belts out there. If we had to recommend you two gait belts, this would definitely be one of them. You must have a complete peace of mind going for this belt and we are sure you will be using it for a very long time. It does cost you a little more money but this baby is worth every penny.


  • Stylish and Unique
  • high strength webbing
  • high tensile strength metal buckle
  • machine washable


  • A bit pricey (totally worth it though)


Transfer Belt – 2 For 1 Physical Therapy Gait Belt with Metal Buckle. 

Transfer Belt - 2 for 1 Physical Therapy Gait Belt with Metal Buckle. 60 inch Beige Plus a Bonus 70 inch Black Strap. Never Worry About Having The Wrong Size Or Equipment Again.  

Last but not the least! Have a look at these reliable gait belts. They come in a pair with a price tag that will surely lure you into buying them. They are pretty cheap in price and that is no way means you might be compromising on the quality. It allows you to provide the extra support that your loved one needs when getting around. If you are looking for complete comfort and safety for yourself and for the patient, say no more and get your hands on these belts.


  • 2 professional transfer belts
  • secure metal buckle
  • easy and comfortable to use


  • Not very long-lasting


Care and maintenance of gait-belts

When it comes to the care and maintenance of gait belts, you need to be very careful using them. These gait belts offer wide range of applications and not all the gait belts are built for a purpose you are willing to use it for. Some of these gait belts are used with patients which help them balance. People also use them for certain transport tasks with their luggage. The overall built and the quality of the gait belts different from product to product and therefore you need to know how much strength your belt can offer. If you push it to its limits and expect it to offer you more than it can, it can lead to a disastrous situation.

The best thing is to always keep an eye on the overall condition of your gait belt and make sure the buckle and the belt looks in great shape. You need to inspect the belt before you use in on the patient and in case of a surgery, consult the physician first. If you see the buckle getting all loose or the strap is wearing off, you must really stop using it. Apart from this very simple instruction, there isn’t anything that you need to be careful about.

Shopping guide for gait-belts

Gait belts are readily available in the market and they are very commonly used for a wide range of tasks. Although getting a decent bait belt for yourself is not a difficult task however, it can get a little tricky when you are buying online. Apart from that, you can almost never guess how good your bait belt will perform unless you start to use it. Our article made it very easy for you to get your hands on the best in business as we presented top 10 best gait-belts reviews. These gait belts are known to be most trusted ones by the customers. Here is what a high quality gait belt should be offering you;

Strength: your gait belt should all be about the strength and you need to be sure that it will serve you the purpose you are buying it for. Never settle for a cheaply built bait belt, it will not only cost you more money on the longer run but it is simply unsecure to use.

Durability: this is one factor which many of the gait belts fail to satisfy. Most of these belts work pretty well for a certain period of time but then they just lose their charm and began to wear off.

Value for money: good strength and longevity is what brings value to your money. In case, you need to spend a few more bucks on a better quality belt, you should not hesitate if you are getting better quality. That also does not mean you should be wasting your money on expensive belts for no reason.

Ergonomic: this is not really a thing that you should be looking into your gait belts but if your belt looks good, it surely is a plus.

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