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Best Vertical Climber Machine – Which One Should You Buy?

In today’s world, fitness is becoming more and more important to more and more people. Spinning classes, yoga, Crossfit are more popular than ever, and it seems like everyone is trying to shed those extra pounds. If you’re like many people, though, life is sometimes too busy for the gym or fitness classes, and an option for exercising at home would be much more beneficial. If this sounds like you, the versatility and effectiveness of vertical climber exercise should be a good reason for purchasing this machine.

These equipments are rising in popularity so quickly because of the ease and benefits of a vertical climber workout. Vertical or Mountain Climbing machines are easy, inexpensive, and efficient ways to get a full body workout right from your home, but it may be difficult to pick which one to buy. In this guide, we answer the question about what the best vertical climber machine is, and also discuss the different ways to use these beautiful equipments.






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Maxi Climber Reviews

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Conquer Fitness Climbing Reviews

 52x20  inches


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Ancheer Best Vertical Climber Review

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285 Pounds


Sunny Climber Stepper

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Buying Guide & FAQ

As with any product, there are premium features that come with spending more money on a vertical climber. For many customers, though, the basic function will be all you really need.

It’s important to understand exactly what to look for when buying a vertical climber so you know you’re getting the best possible product for your situation. Below, we have listed several best different features of vertical climbers. Read through them and decide whether they are important enough to spend a little extra money on.

best Ancheer Climber Reviews
best Sunny Climber Stepper Review
best maxi climber reviews


1. Durability

As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” Vertical climbers certainly have differences in their durability and the amount of weight they can hold, and that depends on the material they’re made out of.

Steel and aluminum frames are going to be more sturdy and last longer than other materials. Some budget vertical climbers can only hold up to 250 pounds, so those that weigh more than that may have to spend a little more to support the extra weight.

Other features that are included on some products affect durability as well. Rubber pads may be included on the feet of the machine, which will protect the metal frame of the vertical climber as well as the integrity of the floor you place it on. A rustproof finish is also a must for any machine that will be used outdoors or in a humid environment.

2. Adjustability

Adjustability is a huge factor to consider when picking which rock climbers to purchase. It is almost certain you’ll have to adjust the height of the foot and hand holds, and some can even be adjusted to special, automated workout programs that add something new to your exercising experience.

For those that live in small places like apartments, it may be necessary to put your equipment away when not in use. Models vary in features like collapsibility and how small they get when collapsed. Another factor of adjustability is how easily you can stash away this equipment. 

3. Ease-of-Use

One of the biggest benefits of exercising on a vertical climber fitness machine is how easy and quick it can be fit into a hectic schedule. A quick 30-minute workout before work can be enormously beneficial to your overall fitness, and that is part of why so many people are drawn to these machines.

Ease-of-use is another important factor to consider when purchasing a vertical climber. Some of these products will come mostly pre-assembled, required very little hard work from you before you’re climbing away in the comfort of your home. Some also are very easily adjusted for different heights and settings, preventing the frustration that many arcane workout machines come with.

4. Screens And Displays

Some mountain or rock climbing machine have screens or displays included that track information during your workout. As with any product, different models will have different features and drawbacks, and the information they will provide for you will be necessary only to some customers.

There are many different things that a screen or display located on your machine can do, so you should pick a model that includes the things that you want. Some are only equipped to track basic information, like time. If you want a more premium display that tracks things like distance, calories burned, or more, you may want to consider buying a more expensive model.

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Vertical Climber Benefits

Vertical climbers are rapidly becoming one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment on the market, and that’s not happening for any reason. There are numerous benefits to a best vertical climber fitness machine, not the least of which is the convenience of having one in your own home. Below are several of the best reasons to own this home gym workout appliance :-

1. Intense Cardio Workouts

These machines benefit the body in ways that few other exercises can because they combine activity in the arms and legs and increase heart rate. Because you’re using your own bodyweight as resistance, the combined muscle building and aerobic stress make a mountain climber working an extremely effective way to stay fit and build muscle at the same time.

A vertical climber is perhaps the best way to get a cardio workout from the comfort of your own home, and it also takes up way less space than a typical treadmill or elliptical machine. You can easily fit these things into garages, spare bedrooms, basements, and of course your home gym. No other piece of equipment combines convenience with effectiveness like this machine does.

2. Less Stress On Your Joints

The oldest form of exercise is running, and it is still considered to be the best standard of aerobic training. Unfortunately, running places a lot of stress on their bones, joints, and ligaments as their feet pound on the pavement mile after mile. This can cause problems for older people or those with injuries.

Vertical climbers are able to provide an amazing aerobic workout while keeping pressure off your knees, ankles, and hips. The low impact motion will actually force you to align yourself and improve short-term mobility and is the perfect solution for people with balky joints.

3. Incredibly Convenient

There is no other way to get a workout as good as a workout on a vertical climber equipment in your own home. These appliances are collapsible and take up a fraction of the space that a typical workout machine would, like a treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber.

Some models are small enough to be stored in a closet or under a bed when not in use. And they are relatively quiet when being operated, perfect for people with odd work schedules or those that live in an apartment. All in all, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a vertical climber.

4. Works For All Big Muscle Groups

With many exercise machines, only one major group of muscles is worked, so it requires the use of multiple to get an effective, full-body workout. With a vertical climber, you get a machine that works all major muscle groups, which is perfect for a quick workout during a busy schedule.

The climbing motion requires the user to maintain a tight core, uses the muscles in the back and arms to pull, and the muscles in the legs to push. This motion will simultaneously sculpt your lower and upper body in a way that no other workout machine easily can.

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Best Workout Exercises On A Vertical Climber

One of the best parts of these machines is how versatile they are. Sure, they excel in providing the typical mountain climbing workout, but there are numerous other settings and ways to use your new rock climbing exercise machine.

1. Palms Out vs. Palms In climbing

The first variation is related to how you climb the machine itself. With your palms facing outward, the climb will engage your triceps, pecs, and shoulders. If instead, you climb with your palms facing in, the climb will engage your back, biceps, and forearms. Depending on your specific fitness goals, you can adjust your grip and completely change your workout.

2. Lower Body Only

Some of these equipments can be adjusted to lower body only modes, where the climber is instead acting as a stepper. This will allow you to get a quick targeted leg workout like you would on a stepper or an elliptical machine.

3. Sprints And Valleys

These equipment can be used to do specific aerobic training using sprints and valleys. This is best done on a climber that has a display with a speed reading. That way, you can monitor your speed to ensure your workout is going well.

Because these mountain climbing equipments will support different speeds, sprints and valleys work by going really fast for a period of time, followed by a “valley” where you recover. This is perhaps the best way to train aerobically, and its possible on a vertical climber.

Ancheer best standing Climbers Reviews

Vertical Climber Workout Routine

1. Mountain climbing is pretty tough work, and not everyone will be able to hop on and be a pro their first time. For that reason, it may be necessary to create a workout plan for your vertical climbing equipment so that you can build strength and get into shape.

2. There are different ways to use your vertical climber machine. It can be used both as a strength equipment, which will tone your muscles and make you leaner and as a cardio machine, which will burn calories and fat and work your heart.

3. Cardio training is perhaps the most popular way to exercise with a vertical climber. To begin, you should do short, fast sets with recovery periods in between (sprints and valleys, like we talked about earlier). These sprints can be as short as 5-10 seconds initially, and then you can progress to longer lengths of time as you build your aerobic capacity.

4. During the recovery periods, you should lower the step height and go slowly, taking long, deep breaths while your body recovers. You should try and do these types of workouts several times a week, as cardio only gets easier if you do it often.

5. Soon, you’ll be able to increase the amount of time you spend on your workouts. Or, if you’re in a crunch for time, you can decrease the amount of time and increase the intensity to get a similar effect.

6. Experts suggest that you build your aerobic training for 6-8 weeks before doing extended, tough sets. This will give you the best possible chance to succeed and make the most out of your new machine.

7. If you begin to use resistance and treat the machine less as a cardio machine and more as a strength machine, you should be mindful of which muscle groups you’re training. It can be counterproductive to over train a specific muscle group, so be sure that you alternate major muscle groups and hit your whole body during the week.

There is no perfect time of day to use your best vertical climbing equipment. The beauty of the machine is that it’s so convenient, so squeezing in a quick session before or after work, or while you kids are sleeping, for example, can be just as effective as going to a gym or fitness studio.

Best Vertical Climber Reviews

Maxi Vertical Climber

One of the most popular vertical climbers out there is the Maxi Vertical Climber. It manages to provide both strength and cardio training and ergonomic features like height adjustment and comfort grips, all for a price under two hundred bucks. With the Maxi Climber, you get a best professional, gym-quality piece of fitness equipment that is small and cheap enough to have in your home. It keeps the price low without sacrificing quality or features. The durability inevitably isn’t sacrificed; one reviewer who is over 230 pounds reports that his Maxi Climber had never been anything but stable.To make things even better, it’s incredibly user-friendly, coming 90% assembled. Reviews from owners have said that less than 15 minutes from opening the box they were on board exercising, and that is a testament to the user-friendly nature of the machine.

best maxi climber hot model

Things We Like!

1. It’s incredibly easy to adjust height

2. Very inexpensive for the value it provides

3. Studded footholds increases traction

4. Attractive design

5. Small and collapsible, easy to store

Things We Don’t Like!

1. The screen only displays time and calories, is not backlit

2. Susceptible to rusting

3. Some customers report easily broken parts

4. Not heavy duty enough for serious rock climbing athletes

best maxi climbing gym gif

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Final Verdict

The Maxi Climber is a fantastic mid-range exercise machine for customers looking to participate in the growing vertical climber craze. It won’t be enough for professional athletes, but for the vast majority of us, the Maxi Climber represents an excellent, versatile machine that has a ton of products and not a huge price. 

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Conquer Vertical Climber

The Conquer Vertical Climber 2.0 cuts out all the frills and is instead just a solid, reliable vertical climbing machine. It has a sturdy steel frame with an ergonomic design with cushioned hand grips and excellent traction on the footholds.

The 2.0 edition of this machine made it sleeker and even quieter when under operation. It also folds in a tiny package, making it incredibly easy to store almost anywhere in a cramped house or apartment. And priced in the 100-150 dollar range, you can get all of this without breaking the bank.

Reviewers love how user-friendly this product is, and it comes nearly fully assembled without a bunch of complicated work you need to do to get ready.​

best conquer standing climbers

Things We Like!

1. Folds into a fraction of its actual size, making it extremely storable.

2. Very inexpensive and perfect for a casual customer.

3. Sturdy despite being so small.

4. Attractive design with cushioned hand-holds.

5. Soundless during operation​

Things We Don’t Like!

1. No screen to track your progress.

2.The frame is not as sturdy as you would like.

3.Not as customizable to different workout styles as some other models.

4. Maximum length is only 81 inches​

​Final Verdict

The Conquer Vertical Climber is the most inexpensive machine on our list, and it is an effective way for a first time user to experience a vertical climber. It is also the best machine for someone with serious space constraints, as its slim body and small foldable structure make it very apartment friendly. The more hardcore users won’t be happy with this machine, but it gets the job done for a great complete body workout.

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Ancheer Vertical Climber

Just one look at this product will let you know what its defining feature is. On the back, the Ancheer Vertical Climber also has a small workout bike attached, which allows you to do a number of things that other vertical climbers can’t match.

The bike allows you to use it to recover during peak and valley sets or to use it as an ankle warm-up before a strenuous climbing session. The thick spongy handholds and the tactile footholds on the other side (the climbing side) are high quality and turn the Ancheer Vertical Climber into an entirely different workout.

Best Ancheer Reviews

This machine comes in a bigger package because of its added functionality, and it won’t be as easy to hide away as the others, due to its significant size. Customers who knew this going in and purchased the Ancheer Vertical Climber as a hybrid machine were very happy with it. But if you expect to be able to hide your machine away in a closet or under a bed, you should look elsewhere.​

​What We Like?

1. Made of super durable materials.

2. Very lightweight, easy to transport frame

3. Included exercise bike

4. Attractive design

5. Adjustable resistance to accommodate a broad range of users

What We Don’t Like?

1. The included screen’s quality leaves something to be desired

2. The exercise bike is made more cheaply than dedicated bikes, so this won’t replace your exercise bike

3. Petite weight limit at only 200 pounds

4. Not as easy to stow away as other models

5. Plastic components are somewhat flimsy​

Final Verdict

This two-in-one workout machine takes a different approach to fitness than any of the other climbers on our list. It's included exercise bike can totally change the look and effectiveness of your workout. It is a perfectly equipped vertical climber on its own, but then they added an entirely separate function with the exercise bike. 

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Sunny Folding Climber Stepper

The Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is the last machine on our list, and it offers an entirely different form of a workout than the others on our list, though. This machine is more of a stair stepper than a mountain climber, as it doesn’t have a handheld function and instead focuses on your lower body.

It has two adjustable resistance cylinders that allow you to customize how hard you want your workout to be. It also folds away easily and can be stored out of sight in a shared home or apartment. And at under a hundred bucks, this fitness machine is a steal.

The Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper’s frame is made of heavy-duty steel that gives it a sturdy feel, yet it weighs only 30 pounds. This machine won’t give you the full body workout that the others on this list will, but it is a compact and efficient way to burn some calories and tone your glutes, hamstrings, and other leg muscles.​

Sunny folding climbing stepper reviews
Sunny Folding Stepper

What We Like!​

1. Extremely lightweight.

2. Very affordable way to own your fitness gadget

3. Sturdy, lightweight frame.

4. Display that features a lot of useful information.

5. Resistance is adjustable, making your workouts customizable.

What We Don’t Like!

1. There is no upper body component.

2. Some reviewer reports of mechanical issues.

3. The machine will slip on hardwood floor.

4. The calorie counting and step counting on the display isn’t purely accurate.

5. Sometimes difficult to adjust​

​Final Verdict

The Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is an outstanding product if you want a lower body workout that can conveniently be stored away in your home. It operates quietly, is effective at the workouts it provides and is very inexpensive.

Unfortunately, this machine doesn’t include an upper body “climber” motion as the other machines on this list. However, some people may be in the market for that, and if so, this machine is the one for them. It’s high quality, reliable, and will be able to give you a fantastic, quick lower body workout. 

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Vertical Climbers have become incredibly popular recently, and you can probably see why. No other fitness machine offers such a wide variety of exercise possibilities while remaining so convenient, affordable, and easy to use.

All of the products on our list were great, but the Maxi Climber consistently met the important factors that we discussed earlier in this article. As we looked at these four products, it quickly became apparent that the Maxi Climber was the best of the list. No other vertical climber offered as many features, including a screen, finely adjustable height settings, and durability, for such a low price.

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