Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review 2020 – A Complete Guide!

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is BowFlex’s complete strength and cardio home gym solution. It provides the user with 100+ exercises hitting all the major muscle groups, in a compact set up which is suitable for users at all levels of fitness. Does the Bowflex Revolution live up to its reputation as one of the best home gym set ups out there? Well, with its innovative SpiraFlex® technology, its ability to provide both cardio and strength workouts, and the utter efficiency of having all this available in your own home, it certainly looks like it does!

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Where To Buy Bowflex Revolution Home Gym?

Pros and Cons



  • Straightforward and comfortable to use.
  • Top of the line, high quality machine.
  • SpiraFlex® Technology for consistent resistance throughout entire range of movement.
  • 100 exercises to choose from.
  • Weight limit of 300lb caters for users at all fitness levels.
  • Comes with a manual and a fitness DVD to guide you through your workouts.
  • Freedom Arms™ offer 10+ arm positions with alignment adjustments up to 170°.
  • Very heavy (336lb/153kg) and not easy to move.
  • Weight changes in 10lb increments, with no option to increase or decrease by 5lb.
  • Assembly time estimated approx. 4 hours.
bowflex home gym reviews




    Resistance Configurations


    Workout Area

    Folded Footprint

    Assembled Machine Weight

    Maximum Capacity

  • Standard: 220lb(100kg) Maximum: 300lb (136kg)
  • 9’4” L x 3’2” W x 6’1” H (248 x 97 x 185cm)
  • 10’ L x 7’ W (305 x 214cm)
  • 4’7” L x 3’2” W (140 x 90cm)
  • 336lb (153kg)
  • 300lb (136kg)
Bowflex revolution dimensions

BowFlex Revolution Review

I’ve had the BowFlex Revolution for just under 3 months now and so far I am very happy with it. It’s really easy to use and to switch between exercises which was a big deal for my wife and I as we are not regular gym goers! It took a little while to get used to how it worked but it comes with a fitness DVD which is a big help. Checkout My Complete Personal Review By Clicking Below!

bowflex revolution assembly

​Introduction To Bowflex SpiraFlex Technology

Combining weight training with cardio elements is a proven technique for maximising the efficiency of your workout. Bowflex innovative SpiraFlex® Technology was first developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station. Created by the CEO of OYO Fitness, Paul Francis, it was created to address the issue of providing an effective workout in a low-gravity environment unable to support the use of free weights. As a result, a technology was made which is able to equal the effects of weight training in increasing strength, lean muscle mass and endurance.

Utilising isotonic resistance through the incorporation of tightly wound resistance bands around an inner coil, Bowflex SpiraFlex® technology is proven to improve strength and muscular hypertrophy. The bands are able to create a consistent level of resistance throughout the entire range of motion of an exercise. In addition to the efficiency of this linear resistance, SpiraFlex® technology has the added benefit of providing a safer and more convenient alternative to working with free weights. Unlike free weights, using a home gym set-up with this technology does not pose the health risks associated with a loss of balance or improper handling of free weights, and furthermore does not place unnecessary stress on the joints.

To summarize, SpiraFlex® technology provides the effects of training with free weights, while being considerably lighter, safer, and quieter. It provides the perfect solution for a home gym set-up.

BowFlex Revolution Home Gym Features

    • 100+ exercises with easy manoeuvrability between them.
    • The Freedom Arms™ offer 10 arm positions, and 170 degree alignments adjustments. Allows upper body to be hit from a range of angles.
    • Total of 400+ exercise variations.
    • Designed to hit every major muscle zone: Chest, abs, back, shoulder, arms & legs.Details of some of the exercises available are detailed below.
    • Suitable for users of all levels of expertise, strength, and fitness, and with any fitness goal.
    • SpiraFlex® Technology: a plate technology which works by providing resistance independent of gravity. It utilises elastic bands to create a consistent level of resistance throughout the entirety of each exercise. It is a light, compact, and safe method of resistance training.
    • Resistance can be set between 10-220lb.
    • Foot harness offering five different positions.
    • Preacher Curl Attachment (optional add on).
    • Gym style ab attachment (optional add on).
    • Vertical Bench Press.
    • Leg Extension allows multiple variations for a lower body workout.
    • Cardio Rowing Machine allowing cardiovascular workout.
    • Horizontal Platform.
    • Warranty : 10 years warranty for both the BowFlex Revolution Home Gym & the SpiraFlex® packs. Please note that the warranty does not cover every-day wear and tear.
    • Shipping : Available shipping options include Standard Shipping (7 business days), 2-Day Shipping, or Overnight Shipping. Shipping options are available for contiguous US and Alaska and Hawaii.
    • Assembly : BowFlex offers an optional home assembly service. This includes the movement of boxes into your preferred room, assembly of the BowFlex Revolution Home Gym by a qualified technician, and the removal of unwanted packaging (boxes, etc.). This service is available by appointment., and can be scheduled between 8am and 10pm Monday through Saturday.
    Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

    BowFlex Revolution Home Gym Exercises & Workouts

    • chEST
    • abs
    • back
    • ARMS
    • LEGS
    • Bench Press
    • Chest Fly
    • Decline and Incline Chest Fly
    • Standing Chest Press
    • Standing Incline & Decline Chest Fly
    • Resisted Punch
    • Lying Cable Crossover
    • Incline & Decline Chest Press
      • Standing Single Arm Chest Fly

Bowflex home gym workouts routine
bowflex home gym exercise

​Benefits of Bowflex Revolution Machine

1. Cardio Rowing Machine

The Bowflex Revolution includes a cardio rowing machine for an efficient and calorie-burning cardio workout. The capacity to rapidly switch from one exercise to another also provides the user with the option of implementing circuit training to provide further cardiovascular benefits and to improve endurance.

2. Variety of Lower-Body Exercises 

This machine is set up in such a way that the user has access not only to a range of upper-body strength exercises, but also to a variety of lower-body exercises. Details of these workouts can be seen above.

3. SpiraFlex® Technology

The BowFlex has the additional benefit of featuring NASA’s SpiraFlex® technology. As mentioned above, the SpiraFlex® resistance band system delivers a smooth, consistent level of resistance throughout the entirety of each exercise, whilst providing a safe and easy-to-use alternative to free weights or weight machines. This resistance system, paired with a set up truly designed for comfort, makes for a truly enjoyable workout.

4. Level of Adaptability

Another major benefit of this best home gym equipment is the level of adaptability. The Freedom Arms allow the user to choose from 10 different arm positions, and provide up to 170° adjustment of the alignment of the arm pulleys.The resistance used for each exercise can be easily adjusted from 10lb to 220lb as required, with the lightweight plated sliding into place without the need for any lifting of weights.

5. Resistance Up To 300lb 

BowFlex offer an additional upgrade providing the user with resistance up to 300lb – a truly remarkable achievement for a home gym system.​ It is a remarkably efficient, convenient, and sturdy home workout machine. It is also unique in that it succeeds where many home gym set-ups disappoint, it provides of a cardiovascular workout, and it allows for a comprehensive lower body strength workout.

My Personal Comprehensive Review 

​About Us 

My wife and I both wanted to lose some weight and get into better shape, but going to the gym just wasn’t an option for us. In just 2 months, We have both noticed a big difference in our fitness level, and that’s added to our combined weight loss of 14lb! If you’re doubting the efficiency of this machine, don’t. Paired with a good diet, it really does work.

When we started looking into home gym set ups the Bowflex Revolution was one of the first products we saw. It seemed to have a lot of good reviews and was within our price range so we decided to give it a shot. One of the things that stood out to us was that it has a rowing machine for a cardio workout as well as loads of options for strength training. Since we wanted to lose some weight as well as getting stronger having a cardio option was a must for us.

My Evaluation of Bow Flex Revolution Home Gym​

​This is a sturdy machine. I can’t comment on how it will last as we have only had it two months, but it seems like it is very durable and built to last a long time. Secondly, there are a lot of exercises and variations to choose from. It is very Comfortable and easy to use. No awkward set-ups or straining to reset weights as the Bowflex Revolution uses Spira flex technology (absolutely no weights!). The best part is that it comes with a fitness DVD to guide you through your workout. Moreover, it has lots of leg exercise variations (many home gyms focus on an upper body workout). Besides the pros, we faced some not so worrisome cons. It has a Long assembly process. If you can, consider paying someone from Bowflex to assemble it for you. Moreover, it is a large setup, so you need a decent space to place it in.

Final Verdict

​This is certainly one of the best home gym machine which seems to be made of high-quality materials and is incredibly stable. It was delivered promptly, and the packaging was excellent – our only regret here was that we didn’t opt for the assembly service. As newbies to working out, we can tell you that this machine is incredibly easy to use, which makes working on our fitness goals a lot easier. If you’re looking for a convenient and well-made home gym, then this is one to consider. Overall, I would give the Bowflex Revolution a rating of 4.5/5. This is being said, It is definitely worth the money. 

Bowflex Home Gym Review


The Bowflex Revolution Home gym offers the convenience of working out at home paired with the excellence and breadth of choice available at a professional gym. Not only does it provide options for both strength and cardio workouts, but its resistance settings of 10-220lb allow total flexibility in difficulty level. With a comfortable and adjustable design, the Bowflex home gym is a fantastic choice for users with fitness goals from losing weight to gaining lean muscle mass, for users who are just starting out on their fitness journey, to professional athletes. Bowflex SpiraFlex™ technology provides an innovative, efficient and safe alternative to working out with free weights. This equipment provides a versatile set-up paired with a massive range of exercises, including: 21 arm exercises, 18 chest exercises, 8 abs exercises, 15 back exercises, 22 shoulder exercises, and 17 leg exercises. When combined with the extensive settings and variations available, the Bowflex Home Gym equipment provides a total of 400 workout variations, and the free instructions provided in the manual and fitness DVD are there to guide the user every step of the way.

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