Conquer Vertical Climber Review

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine Review

Conquer Vertical Climber Review

The Conquer Vertical Climber is a complete Fitness Climbing Machine that offers your numerous health benefits without doing all the hard sets in the gym. It increases your performance in day to day life and adds stability to your body. Be it fat loss, muscle toning, or your coronary health, this vertical is the best choice to go with. 

The Conquer Vertical Climber makes workout damn easy. After a few initial pushes, your body follows the rhythm of the machine that doesn’t stress you out much emotionally but gives enough workout to your body so as to melt fat deposits. Moreover, if you are listening to your favourite music while using this climber, the exercise becomes an absolute fun.

Conquer Vertical Climber Review



  • Suitable For Person Weighing Upto 275 Pounds
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Roomy and slip resistant foot pads
  • Sturdy built quality for high durability
  • Dual grip handlebars to choose between movable or static arms
  • Unadjustable resistance to adjust difficulty
  • Poor paint covering and a bit noisy
  • Limited warranty of just 60 days

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Why Should You Use It?

The climbing machine is likely much better than running or jogging on streets as the former keeps your leg joints protected from massive impacts. During the exercise, it allows your legs to raise all your entire weight in upward direction as if one legged squats that results in more energy expenditure than jogging or running.

Moreover, it keeps your glutes, quads, and hamstring muscles engaged throughout the session that increases toning and melts fat. Its an indoor counterpart of the outdoor mountain climbing that appears more as fun and less as exercise.

To balance out the stressful life, aim for hitting this machine, at least, 2-3 times a week. You can go for 5-6 times a week as well, if you got the time. Follow for a few weeks and you will notice the admirable changes in your body shape.

It is a smart way of maintaining a high fitness with minimal efforts and without the discomfort of commuting to hit the gym session. Also, it saves you on a lot of money that you would, otherwise, end up paying to the gym owner.

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine Review

How To Use It?

The Conquer Vertical Climber is easy to use but challenging to go on as it uses your own bodyweight as resistance. Before using this climbing machine, do a 5 minutes warm up session with light exercises such as jumping jacks or squats.

Afterwards, hop onto the machine by putting your feet on the pedals and start lifting your body upward while keeping your glutes and hamstrings engaged. Perform the exercise for 15-20 minutes without a break. Perform 2-3 such repetitions with 5 minutes of rest in-between.

Be sure to keep your head straight and eyes focussed forward. Once you gain the momentum in your exercise, don’t turn your neck quickly as it may attract some strain.

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine


At last, if you want a challenging workout to reduce body fat and brun excess calories, The Conquer Vertical Climber is the best option to invest in or you can also read about other vertical climbers available in the market

The added advantage is, unlike other climbers, it demands full involvement of your upper-body and arms as well as lower body. That makes it an ultimate machine for a full body workout at a reasonable price.

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