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Maxi Climber Assembly, Exercises, Workout Routine & Meal Plan!

​The Maxi Climber is an exercise equipment that engages all the key muscles groups enabling one to build muscle and burn calories. It utilizes the same concept and movements involved in rock or mountain climbing. The easy vertical climber set up offers you a total body workout that can assist you in getting strong and toned biceps, lean body and beautiful legs. Maxi Climber gives one a great strength training and cardio exercise by using the body as the resistance. Also, it does not put stress on your joints and knees and can be utilized by people from all age groups regardless of their exercise levels.

Maxi Climber Meal Plan

The Maxi climber also comes with a 21 day Maxi plan diet, calorie, and step counter and exercise plan for its users. Besides, you will also get a wall chart that will help you track your workouts. This is an excellent guide because diet and weight loss go hand in hand. The meal plan provides 80 recipes that will enable you to eat healthier. You can prepare the recipes depending on your personal tastes.

Maxi Climber Workout Routine​

When used for an average of about 10 minutes three times a week, this equipment can give the best fitness results. It will effectively help users to shape their lower and upper body parts. The Maxi Climber workout program is intended to burn calories and tone muscles as one follows an exclusive meal plan.

The frequency at which one performs the recommended 10 minutes exercise will depend on the individual. One can begin with three sessions per week and advance to 6 times every week. With time, you will be able to know what frequency will give you the results that you desire. You can opt for high intensity or short workouts.

Maxi Climber workout routine

Short workouts- You should start with short workouts especially if you are just starting to use the Maxi Climber. This will give your body time to adjust to the machine. When you start, you may find yourself climbing for a few minutes and resting for a few seconds. This is a typical reaction as your body is not used to this machine. With time, your fitness level will increase and the rest times will reduce significantly. This will enable you to exercise for longer periods.
Individuals who are fairly fit can start with short, but continuous workouts. You can combine long and short strides to maintain a continuous motion. You can also opt for faster or slower pace for a more challenging workout.

High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts (HIIT)-The Maxi Climber, offers a thorough workout for your cardiovascular system and your muscles. As a result, most individuals opt for high-intensity training workouts. This usually involves extensive workouts with short rests that allow you to recover. Usually, you can intensively workout for about four minutes and then rest for one minute before you repeat the exercise again. Some intervals can be repeated several times until you work out for at least thirty minutes. However, HIIT workouts require a higher level of fitness. Therefore, not everyone can take part in this highly intensive exercise.

Maxi Climber Exercises

The maxi climber is workout equipment that combines several exercises, for example, muscle building, weight training and cardio workouts. If you wish to have a cardio workout that will push your limits, then you should go for the Maxi Climber. As you climb the stair, each leg will lift your body-weight during the upward movement. These actions require lots of energy and will make your heart work harder.

The best workout comprises of several aspects. A good exercise program is a combination of various drills that addresses different body parts and suits your fitness targets. However, to achieve this, individuals need to spend several hours at the gym. The Maxi Climber is a great equipment that will enable you to enjoy all the benefits associated with rock climbing at the comfort of your home or gym. This equipment is designed to accommodate all body sizes and types.

Muscle building- The best thing about stair climbing type of workouts is the fact that they help build muscles. As you climb, each leg must contribute to physically raise the weight of your body and this movement can be compared to doing legged squats. A Maxi climber will help in evenly toning and adding lean muscle to your butt and thighs

Burning calories- The calories, you burn with the Maxi Climber will depend on you. This is because energy expenditure during a workout is dependent on the age, weight, height, exertion used and lean muscle development. The rock climbing action associated with the Maxi Climber results in a healthy heart and muscle workout that leads to burning off lots of calories. This machine is ideal for individuals who want to burn excess calories.

Maxi Climber Resistance

The maxi climber utilizes your body weight as resistance to give you the best workout. As you move the stairway, your body weight causes contraction of your skeletal muscles. These contractions result in increased strength, tone, endurance and muscular mass. Just like squats, your legs must lift your body weight up the stairway. Since your body weight is used as resistance, the Maxi Climber gives you a high strength and cardio exercise without putting lots of pressure on your knees and lower joints. This machine will help you burn more fats when compared to stationary bikes and treadmills. This is because in one single step your will get a total body workout that comprises of aerobic exercise, muscle toning and weight resistance at the comfort of your home.

maxi climber resistance

Maxi Climber Assembly

The Maxi Climber does not require assembly because it is sold when it is already preassembled. Therefore, you do not have to consult anyone to assemble your climber for use. Make sure that you safely store your instruction booklet so that you can have a better understanding of all the machine parts. Here are steps to follow when assembling your Maxi Climber.

1. Create space in your home or gym:- Make sure that you have adequate space for both working out and storage. A fully assembled Maxi Climber will take up 6 square feet of space. Besides the height of the machine is approximately 7 to 8 feet.
2. Check the Maxi Climber materials:- Double check all the materials from the box to ensure that you have everything in place. Contact the manufacturer if there are any broken or missing pieces on your machine. You should have your maxi climber, two handles, both right and left, two fixed handles and U-bars of various sizes.
3. Nuts and bolts:- Create the base of the machine to ensure that it is fully stable. You should then readjust the nuts and bolts that are on the top of your climber. This will make sure that you are safe whenever you work out on the machine. Make sure that you fix the two U bars on the small cradle and tighten the nuts and bolts holding them.

4. The smaller cradle:- Readjust the nuts and bolts on the smaller cradle. Tighten all the screws using a tightening wrench for best results.
Readjust your safety pin-Your machine will have a safety pin that holds the stabilization bar that is at the bottom of your machine. Readjusting the safety pin ensures that your machine will not extend far while you are working out.

5. Fix the handle bars:- With everything in place; you will be remaining with the handle bars. There are handlebars for both right and left, and you should insert them into their respective slots. Your machine will be ready to use.

The Maxi climber was intended to fold down. This makes it easy for one to have it in their home because it consumes tiny space. The folding design is also beneficial because it makes it easy for consumers to assemble when after purchase. It is quite small with a relative weight of 34 pounds. It can easily be folded and even stashed in your closet when not in use. In a few minutes after you get your machine, you will be working out your body to get the fit that you want.

The Maxi Climber is flexible, and you can quickly adjust the handlebars to get a height that suits your preferences. It also comes with a workout timer that will automatically turn it on when you begin climbing and will turn off when you stop moving.


The Maxi Climber is a great addition to your home gym. This is because it targets all the critical body areas that you want to tone. The climber is an imitation of actual rock climbing which is known to give a great body workout. With your body being used as the resistance, this machine will enable you to burn calories, build muscle and tone your body. The machine comes with a foldable design that allows for easy and convenient storage.

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